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Here's a quick video with Al about buying individual resources.

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Aloha! I'm Al Start the songwriter and creator of Go Kid Music.

I have been writing songs for school topics and education for over 20 years and as the collection grew, I made them into teaching videos with sign language and subtitles and uploaded them all to allow schools all across the UK to access them.

I recently received funding to allow us to offer schools free access to help children catch up with their learning after COVID-19 school closures.

Following this free access I asked schools to pay a small fee to continue to use them but it became very clear they were unable to do this.

Whether this was due to tight budgets or a lack of understanding of the value of the songs and teaching resources and how much work goes into creating and producing them...I don't know!

However, as a response, I have now added the songs as individual "song packs". You can choose the songs that relate to your topics, buy for £10 (+vat) and gradually build your collection.

Please see how to do this below...

Build your collection

As you add more songs to your collection,
you can build your own library of resources that match the topics you teach and the age and ability of your pupils.
Use them again and again.

We have songs for cross-curriculum topics, songs to start the day, for assemblies and to calm your pupils down!
You can find songs for calendar events, festivals
and much, much more!

By using songs as part of your everyday teaching you are enabling children with different learning styles to access the information.

Our resources are all inclusive and will boost your learning outcomes, pupil's attainment and make you look like the awesome teacher you know you are!
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Look through our resources

Search for a specific topic/subject or simply browse our collection.

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Choose your songs

Choose the songs that match your topics, the time of year or an activity you are running.

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Buy and teach

Buy them and build your personal collection with unlimited access. Enjoy teaching with inspiring songs!