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Al Start finalist Music & Drama Education Awards
Hi I’m Al Start - children’s songwriter and music education specialist.
Let me introduce you to my School Membership.

Fantastic Songs with signed & subtitled teaching videos that connect with the whole curriculum

  • Enrich and deepen children's learning
  • Encourage everyone to engage - whatever their ability
  • Save time and boost attainment
  • No special skills needed to use

All you have to do is:

1. Sign up for a free trial

2. Create a profile & password

3. Teach that inspiring lesson!

Then stop spending hours tracking down resources ...and make the most of your evening!

Here's why my resources are perfect for your lessons

Let me introduce what we're all about and how you can benefit.

New Videos and Resources

Take a look at some of my new signed & subtitled teaching videos

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Recommended by teachers for teachers

Save time "trawling through the internet" for suitable resources.

All the songs have been requested by teachers like you and written especially for your topics.

Try a song for free today and see the results for yourself.

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Catch Up after Covid-19

Music smartboard resources
So easy for you to use

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Active learning that's fun

Join Now - For FREE!

Go Kid Music is my NON-PROFIT social enterprise, which means like you, children's wellbeing and learning is at the heart of everything we do.

We have received funding from and are currently offering primary and special schools *FREE MEMBERSHIP for one term.

*We need three things in return:

  1. You fill in the form to give your school information
  2. You agree to actually use the songs and resources
  3. Your feedback - fill in a simple questionnaire

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On demand music teaching resources primary school

  • IMPROVE LEARNING OUTCOMES - children remember key facts/vocabulary and enjoy learning creatively

  • SAVE TIME - reduce your lesson planning time

  • NO MUSICAL SKILL NEEDED - I'll do the singing - you do the teaching!

  • IDEAL FOR MIXED ABILITY CLASSES (SEN) - all songs taught using signed & subtitled teaching videos

  • IMPROVE WELLBEING - a creative learning environment improves mental health and wellbeing. Adults included!

  • USEFUL RESOURCES - videos for interactive whiteboards, lyric sheets, backing tracks & lesson plans

  • CREATED FOR KS1 & KS2 - fantastic song selection that is age and ability appropriate

Here's what the children say:

“I really like the songs because they’re fun!”

“I love doing the actions to the songs”

“I think the songs are cool!”

“I like Al’s songs so much I think they should be in a competition!”

“It’s relaxing”

“The songs have great tunes”

“I like that the songs are different from other songs”

“I like it because it’s nice when everyone sings together”

“She puts funny bits in!”

“Singing Assembly is really exciting, it wakes me up!”

“It’s rock and roll!”

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Benefits for YOU

 You can...

  • Save time on planning
  • Deliver engaging lessons
  • Build your self-confidence - use music in your lessons
  • Connect and build trust with pupils
  • Include all pupils
  • Improve behaviour
  • Build positive Home relationships by sharing the songs with families

music for early years language literacy

DfE Recommendations to Support Improving Early Language and Literacy

The DfE highlights the importance of developing pupils’ speaking and listening skills and wider understanding of language.

Using a range of different activities like singing, can develop children’s early reading and ability to hear and manipulate sounds. 

By introducing singing into everyday learning you have access to a powerful tool.

My songs offer children the opportunity to copy and learn words, sounds and build their vocabulary.

They also support cross-curricular topics - so not only are children developing their literacy skills - they are learning the key facts about your chosen subject.

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Cut Down Planning Time
child and adult use sign language
Learn while you teach

children sign makaton to each other
Encourage peer connections

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Headteacher Testimonial

"I especially love your music - it is so catchy and well presented! We usually sing a lot here, but obviously at the moment are using a lot of signed & subtitled teaching videos so that the children can still get physically involved in the music.

Your songs have really given our school a lift in these difficult times, so please keep up the good work 🙂 "

Rose FisherChrist the King School

Al Start delivers training to teachers at MDEE
Enriching Teachers' CPD
Al Start in singing assembly with school children
Fantastic Singing Assemblies
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Great for Sharing


You have questions? I have the answers!

Pop over to the FAQs Page now to find out more about Al, and see our list of frequently asked questions. You can also find our contact details if you'd like to get in touch.

You can also watch a short video on how to sign up.