hedgehog photo by Emily Clark BHPS

Are you a Hedgehog Hero?

Hedgehogs need your help.

They are one of the UK's most endangered species right now. There are some really simple ways that you can help your local hedgehogs - and this song will give you some ideas!

For World Environment Day 2021 this Saturday 5th June we are taking part in a global project called SwitchOn Global Telethon. Learn our song and be part of the amazing project!



12.00pm UK is Hedgehog Hour!

Watch this first..!

Here are the super-simple instructions for how to download all the song materials.


Click below for free access to all the song materials



Learn to sing and sign the song, even learn the ukulele chords to perform this song!

Please do learn this song for free! We'd love you to send us a video clip by Sunday 16th May so we can include your lovely singing in our video!