The Bare Necessities - From the Jungle Book

The Bare (bear!) Necessities

(By Terry Gilkyson)

Everyone knows this Disney film classic. It's a great little song, and uses many of the chords we have learned so far. Plus you will learn a couple of new ones and be able to practice along to get your fingers changing chords more quickly.

This is a great campfire sing-along song for people young and old - and will put a smile on everyone's faces!

I have picked out the main parts that are sung in the film, and you can play around with them - even put in some of the ad-libs from Baloo and Mowgli if you want to.

This is the last song in this beginners course, as once you are able to play all of these chords you can call yourself an "intermediate" - which means you are no-longer a beginner! Yay!

Our next course will be for intermediate players - so once you feel confident in strumming and singing along, even picking some tunes, you are ready to move on!

Have a look in the video in the What's Next section and you can find out about... what's next! I even have a little surprise for you.

But first, let's learn the Bare Necessities!

The first video is the whole song with chords and lyrics - so you can see how it goes. When you have learned how to play the chords, use this video to play along to.

The second video is the ukulele lesson.

The lyrics and chords are below as usual, and the chords that are in brackets are optional - you can play them if you want to, but the song sounds fine if you don't. I will also show you an easier way to play D7 in the video. Download the song sheet if you want to practice by yourself, go for it, amigos!

Bear Necessities Uke_easy.pdf
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