Three Little Birds by Bob Marley

Three Little Birds

In our second part of this song, you'll learn a G chord. This one's a bit tricky and it takes practice so don't be cross with yourself if you can't do it right away - I couldn't!

Once you get your fingers used to changing from C to F to G and back you will be able to play a whole load of three-chord songs. The Beatles made a career of writing them, so I hope you're a fan!

In the following lesson you'll also learn how to pick the tune that this song is famous for. If you are learning with your family you'll be able to take it in turns to play the chords while the other person plays the tune or the "riff" as us uke-strummin' pros like to call it! (That's you now btw!)

The words (lyric sheet) is at the bottom of this page. You can read it online, or download it so you can practice by yourself. The download button is just below the lyric sheet.

Good luck!

three little birds C_G7.pdf
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