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Where do I put the code?

  • Add the code at checkout where it asks for your payment details and CODE. Write it in capital letters exactly as it is shown (example: BAXTER-FT-21) Below is a handy video showing you how to sign up.

My school is a member, can I get a discount?

  • Yes, ask your school for the unique school code and add it at checkout. You'll get a whole month free then only have to pay £3 +vat per month after that -it's a total steal!!

My school is not a member, can I get a discount?

  • Just ask your school to join up. The school membership is free for 2 whole terms and they get a wealth of amazing songs with resources for learning - then you can get a discount!

What if I'm unhappy with the membership?

  • We'd never want you to be unhappy, you can end your subscription at any time and if you don't like it or have any issues, simply email me and I'll help: [email protected]

Are the songs suitable for families living outside the UK?

  • The songs have English subtitles - they can help with learning English as a second language. The subjects are based on the primary curriculum in the UK so you may find this doesn't overlap with your child's curriculum HOWEVER, all the songs are suitable for children and they are great fun with lots of scope for learning wherever you live.

Is my child the right age?

  • The songs are aimed at age 4 years upwards (when children start school in the UK). You know your child better than anyone -if they have additional needs, they may enjoy the songs for longer, if they are a little younger but love singing and music you can start them earlier.

How do I get in touch with you?

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