Do The Kangaroo Hop -teaching video, audio & lyrics

Here's a great song about Australia that Al wrote with her Australian songwriter friend Nat Ripepi. They wanted to come up with a song about Australia that compares to life in the UK - so to introduce the idea of the world being round, day and night time around the world -it's a crazy concept for young children!

We have made it fun and silly, with lots of easy-to-learn signs, animals, food, seasons and weather - and of course, kangaroos! If you want to get up and active, the end of this song can be hopped around to!

Perfect for children from Reception through KS1, great for any topic relating to Australia, the Wider World and as just a great song to sing in assembly!

NB: We are working on the full production track and backing track right now, so watch this space!

CCLI Song ID: 7181754

Song - audio from teaching video

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Do the Kangaroo Hop_lyrics.pdf
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