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Hi, I’m Al Start

I'm a children's songwriter, performer and music teacher. I've had over 30 years experience of working with children in schools and clubs.

I have used all this experience to write more than 10 albums for kids and families - playing live is my passion!

Your children will love the selection of cool children's songs and how fast they learn to sing them - you'll be amazed!

You will love the fact you're not having to buy a plastic toy this Christmas!

Well done, you're saving the planet by buying a creative, eco-friendly present that will last for many years to come.

Your child is a little musical genius, so let's start that life-long journey into the world of music with a really engaging and rewarding adventure...


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If your child has grown out of nursery rhymes but they aren't quite ready for the world of adult music, then Go Kid Music is for you:

  • Learn over 50 fantastic original children's songs
  • Turn screen-time into creative learning time
  • Download the audio and words
  • Interactive and fun video lessons to learn the songs
  • Ideal for primary school age children
  • Educational songs match your child's school topics
  • All songs are Makaton signed & subtitled
  • Watch when and wherever you are - on any device
  • Boost literacy and communication skills
  • Award-winning club with experienced musician-teacher
  • If your child has Special Educational Needs or English as an Additional Language, sing and sign can really help them learn

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You will love my ground-breaking children's albums if you appreciate great songwriting, good music played by real musicians! Passes the great for grown-ups test!

Songs that are guaranteed to capture your children’s imagination, get them singing along – and we promise they won’t drive you crackers!

PLUS My brand new album Robot!

Featuring 13 new upbeat acoustic-roots songs that will thrill, sooth and entertain your whole family - any age. Aimed primarily at children who have grown out of nursery rhymes and have started school (4-10).

All albums included as digital downloads too - play on any device.

Excellent Songs for Children CDs
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Turn screen-time into creative, fun and learning time! Our music club features a huge collection of Al Start's original songs for children.

music creative learning

Many of the songs are written to support school topics and your child will be learning key facts and vocabulary as they learn the songs.

online music club membership

We’ve inspired and entertained well over 20,000 families with our children’s songs and makaton-signed videos, you’re in safe hands!

Go Kid Music Christmas Bundle Pricing

online music club one-year membership

Exclusive Christmas Bundle

Year Membership to Go Kid Music Club + 4 CD's/ Digital Albums (Excellent Songs for Children VOL 1, 2, 3 + Robot) + Stickers & Badges + Free tickets (for selected shows)


online music club six-month membership

Essential Christmas Pack

6 Month's Membership to Go Kid Music Club + Robot CD & Digital Album +

Stickers & Badges + Free tickets (to selected shows)



Go Kid Music is my not-for-profit music project made to support children's learning and spark inspiration at home and at school.

Find more info at

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