Gorrid the Horrid Teaching Pack (EY/KS1/KS2) Topic: Witches, Halloween, Food & Drink, Imaginative Story Telling

This funny song is about a witch who tries to cook a feast, great for a spooky KS1 or 2 topic

My all-time most requested song after “Creepy Castle”! This song is a hit with children from pre-school up to year 4 – they love the gloopiness and funny signs and actions. It is a simple repetitive song (easy to learn – hard to forget!) with three verses that can be learned along with the signs in 15 minutes.

Great fun for a spooky /halloween/autumn theme, works brilliantly in singing assembly or classroom. Use the new split-screen whiteboard film to teach the song – the teaching notes will suggest how to divide the group so that you have 4 groups playing a mix of percussion and singing and signing – you will be amazed!

No musical ability needed to teach this song – just plug and play, the children will do the rest!

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